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“Door plug” (10 stuks per set)

8,50 VAT incl.
Rubber doppen om montagegaten in deur af te doppen deze set bestaat uit 10 stuks rubber doppen. vergelijkbaar met 99970311940 

2x cage nut license plate mounting bumper Porsche 914

3,00 VAT incl.
This cage nut fits into the rectangular holes in the bumpers for mounting license plate / license plate holder Set of two comparable with 99950701502

afdekplaat torsierubber achterwielophanging Porsche 912 / 911

22,65 VAT incl.
Afdekplaat torsierubber achterwieldraagarm. Geel gepassiveerd nr 29 in de tekening en nr 34 in de tekening. vergelijkbaar met 90133315300 We
Resto 9

Sealing plug M10x1

2,90 VAT incl.
This set consists of: 1 piece Sealing plug M10x1 (Allen 5) 1 piece Copper washer All marked numbers on the drawing
Resto 9

Sealing plug M22x1.5

6,20 VAT incl.
Tank plug to close large diameter tank connection.

Spacer bushing reaction rod stabilizer Porsche 914 912 911

4,10 VAT incl.
This spacer is specially turned (so this is NOT a sawed-off piece of tube). The spacer is used in the reaction rod of
Resto 9

Spacer Torsion plate rear

7,89 VAT incl.
This set consists of: 1 piece Spacer No:32 (similar to 90133110700) Suitable for 911 models '65 through '77. Suitable for

Spacer bumper rubbers Porsche 914

4,00 VAT incl.
These bushings are specially turned (so this is NOT a sawed-off piece of tube). Applicable in rubbers with number 39
Resto 9

Drain plug Petrol tank

5,63 VAT incl.
This is the middle (small) sealing plug of the gas tank

Drainage hose fan housing Porsche 914

16,95 VAT incl.
This drainage hose fan housing is supplied as a single piece of 850 mm (easy to customize yourself). REQUIRED:
  • 1 piece of 75 mm (number 6 in the drawing)
  • 1 piece of 330 mm (number 7 in the drawing)
  • 1 piece of 400 mm (number 9 in the drawing)
CAUTION: This hose approximates the original hose in appearance but is therefore just not exactly the same ! See the added pictures for clarification where also the original hose clamp is placed over this hose.
Resto 9

Até sealing set brake caliper halves

3,48 VAT incl.
this set consists of: 2 pieces of rubber sealing ring (similar to 90135192810)
Resto 9

Até revisionset caliper 42mm Porsche 914 early type caliper

20,07 VAT incl.
Merk Até Deze Até set past op de 42mm  remklauw (vroege type) die gebruikt wordt op de voorwielophanging van de