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Steering box locking plate

7,25 VAT incl.
This mounting set (L+R) is used when mounting the steering rubbers to the steering shaft. type until '68
Resto 9

Locking plate Steering fork

3,10 VAT incl.
These locking plates (L+R) are used when mounting the steering rods to the steering box. Please note that these are only suitable for the "old" type where the bolt is stepped and the recording fork has a large and small hole. see ad 13 (90134703100 old version) see ad 14 (90134731601 old version) No 6 (91434705700) is no longer available for this type. If you order ad 6 you will always get the new type with a smaller hole.

Borgplaatset stuurhuis Porsche 912 / 911

13,50 VAT incl.
borgplaatset tbv  montage stuurhuis in kofferruimte Deze set bestaat uit: 2x zeskantbout M8x35  (vergelijkbaar met 90007414002) nummer 9 in de

Handlebar mounting set

6,20 VAT incl.
this assembly kit consists of
  • low hexagonal nut M18x1.5 (similar to 90007800702
  • curved lock ring (similar to N0122391
Resto 9

Steering box mounting kit

4,26 VAT incl.
This mounting kit (L+R) is used to mount the steering box. The two body washers are included as an extra to increase the clamping area if necessary.